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Partnering with you to grow your most
valuable asset and plan your exit strategy. 

Preparing to exit your business

Helping you prepare your business for sale to maximise value

In a marketplace where there are more sellers than acquirers, taking steps to prepare your business for sale and allowing plenty of time to secure the right opportunity can make all the difference in achieving the best result.

Oasis Europe helps owners tackle succession, increasing value and preparing their business for sale. We map out multiple pathways to a successful exit so you can adapt to circumstances as they present.

Oasis Europe helps increase the value of your business in preparation for sale

We serve on many boards providing strategic council and direction to ensure your business is running as professionally and profitably as possible when being valued by prospective acquirers. Some of the ways we can help are:


We help businesses develop and execute a growth and exit strategy to increase the value of the business while reducing dependence on your involvement to achieve it.


We provide objective, experienced insight and management guidance to help you position your business as a desirable and high value opportunity to a strategic acquirer.

Board meetings

We have helped many owners professionalise their corporate structure with the appointment of a board then providing strategic council and governance as a board member to bring about substantial profit growth in preparation for exit.

Financial Modelling

We develop financial modelling that provides business owners with a detailed understanding of the financial health of their business to guide strategic decision-making.


Our experienced advisors help you develop, review and refine your forecasts with the goal of articulating a dependable, stable growth story for potential acquirers.


We support owners preparing to sell a business by forming an effective leadership team. We help identify and fill skills gaps, recruiting the right talent to take your business forward.

Learn more about increasing value, preparing your business for sale, and alternative paths to exiting your business.

I want to exit my business. What are my options?

When the business is sold in full to a strategic or financial acquirer, typically to close competitors or allied verticals both locally or internationally. This often requires an earn-out period where the owner is required to stay on and work with the business for an agreed period of time to ensure stability during the transition.

A partial exit is generally used to access private equity where the owner wants to stay on and grow the business beyond their own organic capacity. An investor or acquirer typically purchases a 51% controlling majority and the founder stays on as CEO to expand the business.

An MBO is where existing management acquires the business. This ensures stability and continuity within the business, but requires careful preparation and negotiation to ensure the best interests of the owner are realised given the unique position of knowledge and power existing management can leverage.

An IPO generally needs sufficient scale, longevity and a strong growth story to successfully transition to the public sphere.

Owners can step back from the day-to-day running of the business, achieve partial or full retirement whilst still retaining their full ownership and ongoing income from their business. This involves a gradual process of adapting the leadership of the business from the owner to improve value and run under a CEO or management team.