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Empowering & strengthening your business
through strategic acquisition to achieve maximum
scale, reach, value and competitive advantage.

Acquire a business

Help you strengthen & grow your business through strategic acquisition.

Our powerful research databases give us genuine nationwide and global coverage to help identify the right opportunities when acquiring a business. Combined with our contact base developed over 25 years, we are a powerful force in finding a strategic acquisition target.

Our contact base includes private equity houses, investment banks, brokers & the full range of international, regional & local legal & accounting firms.

Our Corporate Advisors bring a wealth of experience to acquisition assignments, including skills in research and negotiation and a deep insight into vendors’ perspectives from our sell-side work.

Our fee is based on a small retainer, with the bulk of our fees coming at the end of the assignment and only after a successful transaction is settled, via our scale fee agreement.

Acquiring a business: How Oasis Europe adds value


Strategy & Research

We help you define your acquisition objectives and target criteria so you know exactly what you need. We then conduct research within your industry and allied verticals, collating a target list of acquisition candidates for your approval.

We leverage our broad network
of known sellers. 



We build relationships with prospects to further deduce their strategic fit with your business and their appetite for selling. We manage the dissemination of information with all interested parties, keeping your identity anonymous, allowing you to focus on running your business as usual.

You focus on running your
business as usual. 



As viable acquisition options emerge, we weed out the time-wasters and shortlist the most promising opportunities. We then manage the negotiation process on your behalf to ensure you get the best value possible to expand your business.

Independent, expert negotiation to secure
the best value deal. 

Contact us for a confidential discussion about how acquisition can help you achieve your company’s growth objectives. 

Make acquisition successful for your business

Having a clearly defined acquisition strategy before you embark on the journey to identify opportunities is the best way to ensure you find the right business to acquire.


Decide if acquiring is the best move for your business right now

  • Industry trajectory / trends / competitor analysis.
  • Ascertain your company’s ability to finance and resource an acquisition.

Define your strategic objectives

  • Expansion of product or service offering
  • Increasing geographic reach
  • Expanding customer base and brand equity
  • Secure market exclusivity
  • Transform strategic direction of the business
  • Operational and cost efficiencies

Prioritise your acquisition criteria into non-negotiables & nice to haves

  • Industry – identical, complimentary or different to your current offering
  • Location of head office or operational reach
  • Specific product solution or service offering
  • Revenue scale, spread and source
  • Staffing size
  • Bricks-and-mortar assets
  • Deal terms – is an earn out period mandatory?