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Mining Services Case Study

Mining services business



Our client is a multi-office professional consulting firm servicing the mining and construction sectors. The owner approached Oasis M&A in 2010 seeking strategic input. At the time there was internal disharmony amongst the five executive directors, a lack of fiscal discipline and governance and a need for assistance around strategy and value creation.


Oasis M&A conducted a high level strategic and tactical business review, developing a series of findings and recommendations regarding the introduction of a board, the reorganisation of the business and management and future strategy. The shareholders subsequently adopted our recommendations and retained Oasis M&A as a non exec member of the board to assist in the implementation and execution of the recommendations.

Oasis assisted in the introduction of a management board made up of the Executive Directors which included the appointment of Oasis M&A CEO Michael McGrath as a Non-Executive Chair of the management board.

The improved financial management and oversight provided transparent and timely access to information previously unavailable. This lead to important insight which helped improve strategy and planning. Over time the disharmony amongst the executive directors was resolved, the business was refinanced securing a credit line which provided the liquidity to fund significant organic growth. The business reset strategy and management focussed around several key fundamentals. The business doubled its revenue and trebled its earnings over a 3 year period. Despite the downturn in the mining sector the business has just posted record revenue and earnings.


An appropriate funding mix was sought and secured providing the opportunity to grow organically, without the need for further capital or for the Directors to further expose themselves personally.

Oasis continue to work with the client and the board now plans to create further value via continued organic growth and are currently weighing the possibility of making strategic acquisitions with a medium term revenue goal of $15M and EBITDA of $2.M