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Our Outlook

At Oasis Europe we believe that experience counts.

As an independent corporate finance adviser we have a successful track record stretching back more thanĀ 33 years, having arranged over 450 varied transactions during that time for owner managers, private equity firms and public companies.

In arranging and negotiating these deals we make considerable use of our line management experience in business to identify the best deal partners and to ensure that a sense of reality is maintained throughout. As a group we have practical backgrounds with relevant professional qualifications rather than professional backgrounds with limited exposure to the "real world"!

In addition to our full-time staff where appropriate we work on a project basis with experienced industry specialists to ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive service possible.

We are Associate Members of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With a substantial client and contact base, powerful research databases and close connections with brokers, investment banks and other professionals, we are able to access a wide range of business opportunities.

Acting for Vendors
We are most frequently retained to advise the owners and other investors in private businesses and subsidiaries of publicly quoted groups. Our role comprises sector research to locate the widest range of potential acquirers; agreement of the deal by experienced negotiators; and a pivotal role in liaising with all other parties and advisers to ensure that the transaction is successfully completed.

Acting for Acquirers
We are retained to research industry sectors to identify and agree targets for clients seeking to acquire in the UK and Europe, which we approach on their behalf. We will normally be involved in all aspects of procuring completion of the required "deal".

Venture/Development Capital

When raising finance, the opportunity must be presented correctly first time. A widely touted proposal rapidly becomes soiled - the Venture Capital community is a close one. We can assist by approaching those institutions most likely to find the needs of a business agreeing with their investment policy and thus speed up the process and maximise the chance of success. We place great importance on analysing and understanding clients' businesses, to highlight strengths, identify weaknesses for correction and then match the personal and corporate chemistry of clients with the institutions we approach.

From Management to Ownership

An owner may wish to sell to the existing or a new management team, backed by institutional investors. We are able to advise teams in confidence from the earliest stages to evaluate whether a proposition is viable, carry out the finance raising and negotiate with the vendor through to completion.


We offer advice to companies aiming for public flotation beginning as early as 2-3 years before flotation may be practicable. We assist in formulating the strategy of the business, its financing, the personal goals of the owners and the profile of the company in order to address the attitudes of the investing public and the City. When flotation is imminent we assist in advising on the most suitable stock market in the UK/Europe or USA and build a team of the most suitable specialist advisers to handle the issue.

Corporate Finance Advisers
An Associate Member of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association