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A selection of previous transactions includes:

Client Third Party Sector Specialism Transaction Year  
Propac Industrial HMPS Pty Ltd Packaging Machinery Sale 17/12/2019 Propac Industrial
EM Solutions Pty Ltd Electro Optic Systems Technology - Microwave Satellite Comms Sale 11/10/2019 EM Solutions Pty Ltd
H&L Australia Pty Ltd Valsoft Corporation Inc Software - POS Sale 04/10/2019 H&L Australia Pty Ltd
Ethos Health Prima Health Solutions under MBO/I Physiotherapy & Allied Health MBO 08/08/2019 Ethos Health
Bournemouth Transport Ltd (Yellow Buses / RATP) MBO TEAM Bus & Coach Operator Sale 04/07/2019 Bournemouth Transport Ltd (Yellow Buses / RATP)
Turners Coachways (Bristol) Ltd MBI TEAM Coach Operator Sale 24/06/2019 Turners Coachways (Bristol) Ltd
Cityscape Extreme Event Ireland Ltd Bus & Coach Operator Sale 10/06/2019 Cityscape
Rivium Pty Ltd Tesserent Australia Pty Ltd Security Software Sale 18/04/2019 Rivium Pty Ltd
John Powell Travel Ltd & Powell Bus Co Ltd HCT Group Passenger Transport Sale 23/07/2018 John Powell Travel Ltd & Powell Bus Co Ltd
Mortons Travel Ltd Lucketts Holdings Ltd Coach Operator Sale 16/04/2018 Mortons Travel Ltd
New Adventure Travel Ltd ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd Passenger Transport Sale 07/02/2018 New Adventure Travel Ltd
NuLegal DTI LLC Legal Software Sale 29/09/2017 NuLegal
Aquaport Corporation Pty Ltd Breville Pty Ltd Water Filtration Sale 10/08/2017 Aquaport Corporation Pty Ltd
BuddeComm Pty Ltd Ubiquick Group Information Technology Sale 15/05/2017 BuddeComm Pty Ltd
Partech Systems Pty Ltd Selex ES Defence Sale 15/03/2017 Partech Systems Pty Ltd
Thamesdown Transport Ltd Go South Coast Ltd Passenger Transport Sale 03/02/2017 Thamesdown Transport Ltd
PDF Ltd EPI Group Oil & Gas Consultancy Sale 08/12/2016 PDF Ltd
Hydrok (UK) Ltd Eliquo Water Group GmbH Wastewater Treatment Sale 24/10/2016 Hydrok (UK) Ltd
Kolak Snack Foods Ltd Europe Snacks Snack Food Manufacturing Sale 10/10/2016 Kolak Snack Foods Ltd
Micreo Ltd L-3 Communications Defence Electronics Sale 04/10/2016 Micreo Ltd
Box Technologies Holdings Ltd Flytech Technology Co Ltd POS Hardware/Software Sale 04/05/2016 Box Technologies Holdings Ltd
Perryman's Buses Ltd West Coast Motors Ltd Passenger Transport Sale 22/02/2016 Perryman's Buses Ltd
DCS Joncare Ltd BES Rehab Ltd Mobility Products - Manufacture/Distribution Sale 23/12/2015 DCS Joncare Ltd
Research Instruments Limited CooperSurgical Holdings Limited Medical hardware & consumables Sale 17/12/2015 Research Instruments Limited
Bolt Building Supplies Ltd Harlow Bros Limited Construction Supplies Sale 30/10/2015 Bolt Building Supplies Ltd
Intervac Australia Edco Products Cleaning / Janitorial Products Sale 02/10/2015 Intervac Australia
Dynamiq CGU Insurance Emergency Management Sale 08/06/2015 Dynamiq
Lucas World of Furniture Stokers Ltd Furniture Retail Sale 28/05/2015 Lucas World of Furniture
Practice Insight IPH Ltd Software Sale 15/05/2015 Practice Insight
Nortonics Foxtam Ltd Midland Automation Ltd Electrical Component Distribution Sale 30/04/2015 Nortonics Foxtam Ltd
Dunkelman & Son Ltd Alma FRC Shoecare Products Sale 30/01/2015 Dunkelman & Son Ltd
Tasman Power WA Pty Ltd E&A Ltd Electrical Contracting Acquisition 28/10/2014 Tasman Power WA Pty Ltd
Paddocks Farm Partnership Ltd MBI Animal Healthcare Sale 08/10/2014 Paddocks Farm Partnership Ltd
Cognesia Ltd G I Solutions Group Ltd Business Intelligence Sale 31/08/2014 Cognesia Ltd
Viatek Integrating Technology Services & Procurement Acquisition 16/07/2014 Viatek
Preloaded Ltd Learning Technologies Group plc Digital Educational Games Sale 12/05/2014 Preloaded Ltd
Hypoxi Australia Ardent Leisure Weight Loss / Body Shaping Sale 31/03/2014 Hypoxi Australia
Dynamiq EMQ Helicopter Rescue Emergency Management Acquisition 31/03/2014 Dynamiq
Zone Developments Ltd Norbain SD Ltd Fire & Safety Product Distribution Sale 28/03/2014 Zone Developments Ltd
Viatek C N Group IT Consultancy Acquisition 15/01/2014 Viatek
Granit-ops Ltd Stone Theatre Ltd Home Improvements Sale 15/11/2013 Granit-ops Ltd
Young Electronics Group Acal Plc Electronic Component Distribution Sale 30/08/2013 Young Electronics Group
Joseph Griggs & Co Ltd Kellaway Building Supplies Ltd Building Products Sale 02/08/2013 Joseph Griggs & Co Ltd
Bite Catering Ltd Catermasters Contract Catering Ltd Contract Catering Sale 07/06/2013 Bite Catering Ltd
Viatek DNS IT Information Technology Acquisition 05/04/2013 Viatek
Grant Spencer LLP Harrison Goddard Foote Professional Services Sale 12/03/2013 Grant Spencer LLP
N E Computing Corporation Computer Design & Integration LLC Information Technology Sale 31/12/2012 N E Computing Corporation
Chandlers Oil & Gas Ltd W C F Ltd Fuel Distribution Sale 30/11/2012 Chandlers Oil & Gas Ltd
The Ultimate Event Company Ltd The Appointment Group - Events by Appointment Ltd Marketing Services Sale 30/05/2012 The Ultimate Event Company Ltd
Dynamiq Compass Health Medical Recruitment Acquisition 14/05/2012 Dynamiq
HR Richmond Ltd (t/a Epsom Coaches & Quality Line) RATP DEV Bus Operator Sale 19/04/2012 HR Richmond Ltd (t/a Epsom Coaches & Quality Line)
Carousel Buses Ltd Go-Ahead Holding Ltd Bus Operator Sale 04/03/2012 Carousel Buses Ltd
Anchor Bay Ltd CRH UK plc Building Products Sale 04/01/2012 Anchor Bay Ltd
Avantis Information Systems Pty Ltd PricewaterhouseCoopers Intl Ltd IT Consultancy Sale 09/12/2011 Avantis Information Systems Pty Ltd
Countywide Travel (Fleet) Ltd Stagecoach Group Holdings Ltd Bus Operator Sale 30/11/2011 Countywide Travel (Fleet) Ltd
Aromco Ltd Frutarom Industries Ltd Food Ingredients Sale 21/08/2011 Aromco Ltd
KoBold Group Kanji Group IT Consultancy Sale 05/07/2011 KoBold Group
Maudesport Ltd Demco Europe Ltd Sports Products Distribution Sale 23/06/2011 Maudesport Ltd
Thames Travel (Wallingford) Ltd Go-Ahead Holding Ltd Bus Operator Sale 27/05/2011 Thames Travel (Wallingford) Ltd
D H Budenberg Holding Ltd Wika Instruments Ltd Monitoring Equipment Sale 17/03/2011 D H Budenberg Holding Ltd
Tech Music Schools Sovereign Capital Partners LLP Music Education Sale 30/06/2010 Tech Music Schools
Key Technologies PLC Primetake Ltd. Specialist Ammunition Acquisition 08/06/2010 Key Technologies PLC
Solidtec Solutions Pty Limited Windfall Pty Limited Technology Sales Partial Sale 25/01/2010 Solidtec Solutions Pty Limited
Picsel Group of Companies MBO Mobile Telephone Software MBO 15/10/2009 Picsel Group of Companies
QMP (Division of Welconstruct Group Ltd) Penco Products Street Furniture Sale 19/03/2009 QMP (Division of Welconstruct Group Ltd)
Commerce Decisions Ltd QinetiQ plc Software Sale 13/10/2008 Commerce Decisions Ltd
Silver Software Ltd Assystem Group Software Sale 12/09/2008 Silver Software Ltd
Groupe Rubicon Limited A G Barr PLC Soft Drink Manufacture Sale 29/08/2008 Groupe Rubicon Limited
Coolfactor Group Ltd P H Jones Ltd HVAC Sale 28/03/2008 Coolfactor Group Ltd
Delta Design (a division of Nicotech Ltd) Ecco Group Lighting Beacons Sale 12/02/2008 Delta Design (a division of Nicotech Ltd)
Environmental Property Services Plc Advance Peripheral Systems Ltd Controls Acquisition 01/02/2008 Environmental Property Services Plc
Engineering Supplies MBO Engineering MBO 11/12/2007 Engineering Supplies
Saxon Industries Ltd - Autostyle division Pattern One Ltd Automotive Products Sale 23/11/2007 Saxon Industries Ltd - Autostyle division
Eleco Plc Milbury Systems Ltd Building Products Acquisition 15/11/2007 Eleco Plc
Keltic Fuel Oils Ltd Watson Petroleum Ltd Fuel Distribution Sale 18/10/2007 Keltic Fuel Oils Ltd
Mobisoft OY Digital Dispatch Systems Inc Software Sale 01/10/2007 Mobisoft OY
Procon Technology Ltd AMX Inc Audio Visual Sale 28/09/2007 Procon Technology Ltd
Flexible Hose Supplies Ltd Eriks NV Hoses Sale 09/07/2007 Flexible Hose Supplies Ltd
Marco Industries Ltd Amari Plastics Plc Building Products Sale 30/06/2007 Marco Industries Ltd
WP Display Ltd Kleerex Group Ltd Shop Fitting Products Sale 12/06/2007 WP Display Ltd
Spice Holdings Plc Homerton Heating Ltd HVAC Acquisition 31/05/2007 Spice Holdings Plc
BTN Turbocharger Service Ltd Lookers Plc Motor Factors Sale 17/05/2007 BTN Turbocharger Service Ltd
Southdown Oil Supplies Ltd Watson Petroleum Ltd Fuel Distribution Sale 27/04/2007 Southdown Oil Supplies Ltd
GIL Investments Ltd Bearmach Plc Motor Factors Acquisition 04/04/2007 GIL Investments Ltd
G4S Security Services (UK) Ltd Special Events Security Ltd Manned Guarding Acquisition 31/01/2007 G4S Security Services (UK) Ltd
SMT Consulting Ltd Cello Group Plc Market Research Sale 05/10/2006 SMT Consulting Ltd
Credere Ltd MBO Consultancy Sale 01/08/2006 Credere Ltd
Wokingham Plastics Cox Thermoforming Thermoformed Plastics Acquisition 01/07/2006 Wokingham Plastics
QED Business Systems Maxima Holdings Plc IT Services Sale 01/06/2006 QED Business Systems
20/20 Ltd MBI Design and Strategy Consultancy Partial Sale 01/05/2006 20/20 Ltd
MOT Models Vedior NV Model Agency Sale 01/04/2006 MOT Models
Price Tools BSS Group Plc Tool Distribution Sale 01/03/2006 Price Tools
Webley and Scott Airgunsport Ltd Sporting Goods Sale 01/02/2006 Webley and Scott
Allinity Ltd Compel Plc Systems Maintenance Sale 01/01/2006 Allinity Ltd
Equity Ltd STS Tour Operator Sale 01/12/2005 Equity Ltd
Doy Webster White Young Green Consultancy Sale 01/11/2005 Doy Webster
Tandata Systems ACIS Ltd IT - Transport Systems Sale 01/10/2005 Tandata Systems
RR Richardson Plc Chaldean Social Housing Sale 01/09/2005 RR Richardson Plc
Giffard Newton Tudor Wholesale Footwear Sale 01/08/2005 Giffard Newton
Leapfrog Research Cello Group Plc Market Research Sale 01/07/2005 Leapfrog Research
IEL Campion Willcocks Recruitment Sale 01/06/2005 IEL
Seal Services CLM Ltd M&E Services Sale 01/05/2005 Seal Services
Electro Controls Ltd Watts Water Tech HVAC Controls Sale 01/04/2005 Electro Controls Ltd
Hourds Business Travel Apollo Travel Business Travel Sale 01/03/2005 Hourds Business Travel
Summers PVC SIG Plc Building Materials Sale 01/02/2005 Summers PVC
Dewhurst Butchers Lloyd Maunder Meat & Poultry Sale 01/01/2005 Dewhurst Butchers
Armchair Passenger Metroline Coach Operator Sale 02/12/2004 Armchair Passenger
O.N. Beck Halma Machinery - Bottling Sale 01/12/2004 O.N. Beck
TPMB Consulting MBI Document Management Sale 01/11/2004 TPMB Consulting
Marshalls of Reading Charters Franchised Dealership Sale 01/10/2004 Marshalls of Reading
Peak Refrigeration Auxilia Ltd HVAC Sale 01/09/2004 Peak Refrigeration
Reflex HR Empressaria Group Recruitment Sale 01/08/2004 Reflex HR
Fast Track Consulting Keane Inc SAP Consultancy Sale 01/07/2004 Fast Track Consulting
Pitshanger MBO Stationery Sale 01/06/2004 Pitshanger
Whittle Coaches EYMS Group Coach Operator Sale 01/05/2004 Whittle Coaches
Symonds Group Capita Plc Consultancy Sale 01/04/2004 Symonds Group
Lanzet UK Ltd Dean House Plc Kitchen Distribution Sale 01/03/2004 Lanzet UK Ltd
Labgear Ltd Philex Electronics Sale 01/02/2004 Labgear Ltd
Biscor Ltd Verseidag Coatings Sale 01/01/2004 Biscor Ltd
Corinth 5 Capital Employment Recruitment Acquisition 01/12/2003 Corinth 5
Sussex Research Keep Able Ltd Healthcare Acquisition 01/11/2003 Sussex Research
Guitartech/Basstech UK MBI Music School Sale 01/10/2003 Guitartech/Basstech UK
Higher Safety Ltd Oxford Investment Safety Products Sale 01/09/2003 Higher Safety Ltd
Rapid Exhausts Ltd Rapid Car Parts Motor Factors Sale 01/08/2003 Rapid Exhausts Ltd
Perrybar Greyhound GRA Limited Leisure Sale 01/07/2003 Perrybar Greyhound
MPC Ltd Tribal Group Plc Marketing Services Sale 01/06/2003 MPC Ltd
Orderlogic Triage Services Ltd Retail Technology Sale 01/05/2003 Orderlogic
Sadek Wynberg Research WPP Group Plc Market Research Sale 01/04/2003 Sadek Wynberg Research
Travel Company Scotland Britannic Travel Business Travel Sale 01/03/2003 Travel Company Scotland
DMS Mice Group Plc Delegate Management Sale 01/02/2003 DMS
Merlin Sunscreening Reynaers Ltd Building Products Sale 01/01/2003 Merlin Sunscreening
Carlisle Staffing Services Unicare Services Recruitment Acquisition 01/07/2002 Carlisle Staffing Services
The Work Foundation CRAC Educational and Vocational Services Sale 01/06/2002 The Work Foundation
Helapet Ltd Clinimed (Holdings) Medical Devices Sale 01/05/2002 Helapet Ltd
Qados Ltd Hartest Holdings Medical Equipment Sale 01/04/2002 Qados Ltd
Vocaltech DrumTECH Music School Sale 01/03/2002 Vocaltech
Management by Air Ian Allen Travel Ltd Business Travel Sale 01/02/2002 Management by Air
Gazebo Products Ltd The Clarity Group Paper Products Sale 01/01/2002 Gazebo Products Ltd
Bakers Dolphin Britannic Travel Business Travel Sale 01/10/2001 Bakers Dolphin
C-Tech Associates Intruder Intl Plc Security Products Sale 01/09/2001 C-Tech Associates
Buckingham Research E-Quisitor Plc Market Research Sale 01/08/2001 Buckingham Research
Webster & Bennett MBI Tools Sale 01/07/2001 Webster & Bennett
B-Loony Ltd MBI/MBO Promotional Marketing Sale 01/06/2001 B-Loony Ltd
Crystalglen Ltd Transworld Inc Recruitment Sale 01/05/2001 Crystalglen Ltd
Aeron Valley Holdings First Milk Ltd Dairy Products Sale 01/04/2001 Aeron Valley Holdings
Kevington Bldg Products Ibstock Brick Ltd Building Products Sale 01/03/2001 Kevington Bldg Products
North Bradon Farms Ltd MBI Team Dairy Products Sale 01/02/2001 North Bradon Farms Ltd
Public Access Terminals Transacsys Plc Access Control Sale 01/01/2001 Public Access Terminals
Silicon Concepts Abacus Polar Electronics Components Distribution Sale 03/12/2000 Silicon Concepts
Rennicks Plastics (UK) CPL Plastics Plastic Injection Sale 02/12/2000 Rennicks Plastics (UK)
GSD Field Marketing McCann-Erickson Field Marketing Sale 01/12/2000 GSD Field Marketing
Brightwater Group Bord na Mona Pollution Control Sale 01/11/2000 Brightwater Group
Barchester Healthcare Community Care Care Homes Acquisition 01/10/2000 Barchester Healthcare
Sturmey-Archer Lenark Component Manufacture Sale 01/09/2000 Sturmey-Archer
CQ Alarms Ltd Case Ltd Alarm Systems Sale 01/08/2000 CQ Alarms Ltd
Altovar Ltd Print Supplies Sale 01/07/2000 Altovar Ltd
The Assessment Co. The TQ Group Training Sale 01/06/2000 The Assessment Co.
Wood & Wood Signs Fitzwilton Group Signage Sale 01/05/2000 Wood & Wood Signs
Whitlock Marine Steering Clyde Shipping Co. Marine Products Sale 01/04/2000 Whitlock Marine Steering
Amersham Travel Ltd travelstore.com Business Travel Sale 01/03/2000 Amersham Travel Ltd
Flowlyne (UK) Ltd Critchley Group Plc Printing Sale 01/02/2000 Flowlyne (UK) Ltd
J W Swithenbank Ltd Wilton Investments Fresh Produce Receivership 01/01/2000 J W Swithenbank Ltd
Saral Ltd Pearl Products Ltd Jewellery Sale 01/12/1999 Saral Ltd
Laminating Haycock Holdings Building Products Sale 01/11/1999 Laminating
Microcache Ltd Gladstone Plc Software Sale 01/10/1999 Microcache Ltd
American Connections Titan Travel Ltd Business Travel Sale 01/09/1999 American Connections
Joe Charlesworth Wykeham Farrance Testing Systems MBI 01/08/1999 Joe Charlesworth
Harvey Thomas Travel P&O Travel Business Travel Sale 01/07/1999 Harvey Thomas Travel
Binding & Presentation Supplies Ltd Duplo Intl Ltd Office Supplies Sale 01/06/1999 Binding & Presentation Supplies Ltd
Advanced Mktg Services Metrastock Marketing Services Sale 01/05/1999 Advanced Mktg Services
Accunet Apax Partners Computer Software Corporate Venture 01/04/1999 Accunet
Lemark Auto Accessories InterMotor Motor Factors Sale 01/03/1999 Lemark Auto Accessories
Public Access Terminals BIMBO Access Control Sale 01/02/1999 Public Access Terminals
Callers Pegasus Thomson Travel Tour Operator Sale 01/01/1999 Callers Pegasus
McCrea Engineering Blease Medical Medical Equipment Sale 01/11/1998 McCrea Engineering
Tay Tools Works Ltd Acedes Gear T Tools Acquisition 01/10/1998 Tay Tools Works Ltd
Gatehouse Courses Eclipse Group Publishing Sale 01/09/1998 Gatehouse Courses
Agos Harleys MBI Auto Spares Sale 01/08/1998 Agos Harleys
National Screen Serv Carlton Comms Sales Promotion Sale 01/07/1998 National Screen Serv
Computer 100 Alphameric Consultancy Sale 01/06/1998 Computer 100
CTC Eurobase EMO Marketing Services Sale 01/05/1998 CTC Eurobase
Graham Green Blue Skies Marketing Acquisition 01/04/1998 Graham Green
Aura Books Plc AMS Inc Publishing Sale 01/03/1998 Aura Books Plc
Acedes Gear Tools MBO Tools MBO 01/02/1998 Acedes Gear Tools
Vatre Terracotta Gartland Whalley Garden Products Sale 01/01/1998 Vatre Terracotta
County Industries H&T Components Building Products Sale 01/07/1997 County Industries
Marken Ocean Group Courier Sale 01/06/1997 Marken
Imagecom Ltd Thompson Clive CAD Software Dev Cap 01/05/1997 Imagecom Ltd
Crawford, Hansford & K John Simmonds   Electronic Component Manufacture Sale 01/04/1997 Crawford, Hansford & K John Simmonds
Lemford Bldg. Supp. Travis Perkins Building Products Sale 01/03/1997 Lemford Bldg. Supp.
MM & B Gibbs & Dandy Builders Merchant Sale 01/02/1997 MM & B
Nale Industries MBI Industrial Equipment Distribution MBI 01/01/1997 Nale Industries
Thomas Pace Hospitality Clubhouse plc Event Management Sale 04/12/1996 Thomas Pace Hospitality
Regionbridge Ltd Allen Plc Building Contractor Sale 03/12/1996 Regionbridge Ltd
Romney Packaging Neophane Spa Packing Supplies Sale 02/12/1996 Romney Packaging
Enderley Stores EM Merrett & Co Food & Drink Distribution Sale 01/12/1996 Enderley Stores
Militair Aviation Bridport-Gundry Aircraft Supplies Sale 01/11/1996 Militair Aviation
Pacemaker Distribution Nightfreight Plc Specialist Transportation Sale 01/10/1996 Pacemaker Distribution
Roffey Bros. Ltd Private Investor Horticultural Products Sale 01/09/1996 Roffey Bros. Ltd
PETS First Line Distrbn Specialist Distribution Sale 01/08/1996 PETS
Sealine Melton Medes Stationery Products Sale 01/07/1996 Sealine
Dawson Keith Ltd TT Group Plc Generating Sets Manufacture Sale 01/06/1996 Dawson Keith Ltd
Southern Heat Treatment Weir Group Plc Engineering Services Sale 01/05/1996 Southern Heat Treatment
Bowes Wilkens Ltd British Poly Ind Plastic Bag Manufacture Sale 01/04/1996 Bowes Wilkens Ltd
Brookside Metal Co. Hampson Ind Metal Processing Sale 01/03/1996 Brookside Metal Co.
CBS Type-Write Office Equipment Distribution Acquisition 01/02/1996 CBS
R J Johnson & Co Grafton Group Plc Builders Merchant Sale 01/01/1996 R J Johnson & Co
Allstaff Securicor Recruitment Sale 01/08/1995 Allstaff
Christal Transport Berkeley Bus Group Specialist Distribution Sale 01/07/1995 Christal Transport
TC Limited Private Individual Electronic Component Distribution Rep Inv 01/06/1995 TC Limited
Flowform James Dickie Automotive Engineering Sale 01/05/1995 Flowform
Belcot Tool & Die James Dickie Precision Engineering Sale 01/04/1995 Belcot Tool & Die
Alpha Tech. Serv. Axel Johnson Pump & Compressor Manufacture Sale 01/03/1995 Alpha Tech. Serv.
Gill Aviation Ingleby Ltd Airline Operator Sale 01/02/1995 Gill Aviation
Original Book Works Private Investors Stationery Manufacture Exp Cap 01/01/1995 Original Book Works
Original Book Works Bank of Scotland Stationery Manufacture Dev Cap 01/06/1994 Original Book Works
Thomas Pace Hospitality MBO Event Management Sale 01/05/1994 Thomas Pace Hospitality
CML Dobson Park Ind. Test Measurement Equipment Sale 01/04/1994 CML
Techstyle Stadium Plc Homewares Sale 01/03/1994 Techstyle
The Beer Cellar Hamper People Drinks Distribution Sale 01/02/1994 The Beer Cellar
A-Mail Ltd Dudley Jenkins Marketing Services Sale 01/01/1994 A-Mail Ltd
Phoenix Mountaineering Karrimor Intl. Outdoor Clothing Sale 01/10/1993 Phoenix Mountaineering
Straker Supplies NatWest Vent. Office Supplies Rep Inv 01/09/1993 Straker Supplies
Murrells Nursery Bepton Invest. Garden Centre Sale 01/08/1993 Murrells Nursery
Banafix Bromsgrove Building Services Sale 01/07/1993 Banafix
Mediamix MMI Plc Marketing Services Sale 01/06/1993 Mediamix
Wolseley Plc Wipac Automotive Accessory Manufacture Purchase 01/05/1993 Wolseley Plc
Maxwell Hart Moyses Stevens Horticultural Products Sale 01/04/1993 Maxwell Hart
Concorde Distribution C Salvesen Specialist Distribution Sale 01/03/1993 Concorde Distribution
Thomas Pace Hospitality Private Buyer Event Management Sale 01/02/1993 Thomas Pace Hospitality
Thomas Pace Hospitality MBI Event Management MBI 01/01/1993 Thomas Pace Hospitality
TP Sports Management MBI Marketing Services Sale 01/05/1992 TP Sports Management
The Pier Pier 1 Import Homewares - Retail Corporate Venture 01/03/1992 The Pier
Dennison Housewares Krug Intl. Household Products Manufacturing Sale 01/02/1992 Dennison Housewares
Douthwaites Inishtech Plc Florist Sundry Wholesaling Sale 01/01/1992 Douthwaites
Stadium Ltd Keland Elect. Automotive Products Manufacture Acquisition 01/12/1991 Stadium Ltd
Pier Retail Ltd Pier Imp. SA Homewares - Retail MBO 01/11/1991 Pier Retail Ltd
R J Johnson Kennedys Garden Centre Sale 01/10/1991 R J Johnson
IMS Ltd Blacks Plc Sports Products Distribution Sale 01/09/1991 IMS Ltd
IMS Ltd Gilbert Bros Sports Products Distribution Sale 01/08/1991 IMS Ltd
IMS Ltd J E Beale Sports Products Distribution Purchase 01/07/1991 IMS Ltd
M Helyar Whiteleys Estate Agency Acquisition 01/06/1991 M Helyar
LUltima Group Wing Tai Ladies Fashion MBO 01/05/1991 LUltima Group
Knobs & Knockers ECI Ventures Ironmongery - Retail MBO 01/03/1991 Knobs & Knockers
J E Beale Ind. Mark. Serv Sports Products MBI 01/02/1991 J E Beale
Paxton & Whitfield Nichols Assoc Food Retailing MBI 01/01/1991 Paxton & Whitfield
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